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VAS5054A VAS5054 ODIS 3.03/3.12 With Original OKI Chip VAS 5054A Original Bluetooth VAS 5054 with Best Chip

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Software 3.03 download link:!ZI8R1BaA!vV4Jpq708ULrlURKz8jvFA 

 VAS 5054A v5.13!T9BnnSZD!nSzZeYU89jT2AyKQm3wLOu0-Um-X1gax_aghtkGPzRs

Note: if you want to activate v3.12, you need to pay 33usd.

this price is for ODIS3.03, if you need the newest version v3.12, please feel free to contact me.


Best VAS5054A With Original OKI Chip Green Board


VAS 5054A Main Features:

1. Full chips with Original OKI

2. Support UDS Protocol

4. Supported Car Models: V W, A UDI, S KODA, S EAT 

5. The Software CD also contains software of Bently and L-amborghini.

6. Original Bluetooth Version

7. Multi-languages




VAS 5054A ODIS V3.03 Computer Windows System Requirements:

Windows System Language: American English

Windows XP(xp2/xp3)

System C:// have to be NTFS format

C:// need to have at least 10GB space for installing VAS 5054A


VAS 5054A Description:

The VAS 5054A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.

The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook, desktop PC or test system.

No cables are needed for vehicle diagnostics using the VAS 5054A.

The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection is 2 to 5 meters,depending on the environment and the type of Bluetooth adapter used on the PC side.

The Serial Port Profile (SPP) is used for data transfer via Bluetooth. Different Bluetooth security levels are supported.


The Core Advantage of ODIS system:

Makes higher reparing quality and lower repairing cost to come true by effective diagnosis central managing leading -GFF database can release fault information and solution

Full -integration from development to after-sales diagnostic process makes a solid procedure basis

Integration of diagnostic system(such as Elsa program) increasingly improve the serive

It optimizes technicians? diagnostic process and save them both time and cost

It offers dealer a relatively reasonable cost


VAS 5054A Specification:

The vehicle protocols are handled directly in the VAS 5054A.

This ensures fast response times and a reliable real-time behavior independently of the PC operating system. Every time a connection is established, the VAS 5054A software is identified with the version installed on the application PC. The VAS 5054A thus automatically adopts any new features provided after a new software version has been installed on the application PC.

The diagnostic application and the associated Diagnostic Base System are installed on the application PC.

The diagnostic base system can access the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth or USB.


Access via Bluetooth:

After a connection to the VAS 5054A has been set up, the Bluetooth software provides a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The Diagnostic Base System uses this COM port to communicate with the VAS 5054A.You need to specify this port when you install the diagnostic application.


Access via USB: 

You can also connect the VAS 5054A to the application PC by using the supplied USB cable. Windows detects the VAS 5054A through Plug and Play, and automatically installs the drivers copied when you installed the diagnostic application. Setup of the VAS 5054A is then complete and the device is ready for use by the diagnostic application.


The Following Vehicle Bus Systems are Supported:

K line (ISO9141-2)

High-speed CAN (ISO 11898-2)

Low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3)

J1850 (SAE J1850)

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